Optimize Category Page - Improved Navigation

How to optimize category page with Improved Layered Navigation?

You are running a magento 2 store, and you are also wondering how to optimize category page in an efficient way? I think Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension, an awesome filter tool, is worthy to consider as the best solution.

First of all, we all need to know why you should concern about the category page look? Maybe now you are not strange at aisle psychology method in store regardless brick-and-mortar or online shop. The aisle psychology is the product placement strategy by a store owner with the aim to motivate customer buying. Namely, as you can see in the supermarket, this strategy is applied to a chain of related products such as bread and milk or toothpaste and toothbrush. It can be said that the aisle psychology is one of the cross-sell promotion way to increase sale. So, can online store apply this aisle psychology strategy similarly? Absolutely yes if your store is based on eCommerce platform. On the web shop, the category page is the introducing site of all subcategories and products. The better category page performance, the greater customer’s shopping experience. There are certain aspects having an influence on the efficient of the category page: Page layout, navigation, product cards URL structure and SEO. Today, in this blog post, we will refer to the most crucial influencer - navigation - with the aid of Magento 2 Layered Navigation module.

crucial influencer - navigation - with the aid

Optimal category page with Improved Layered Navigation

In eCommerce business, you need to work with almost strangers who visit your store. So what is the important thing for the strange visitors looking at a new place? It is obviously a clear sitemap or a smart navigator that will direct them to any needed product without wasting much time to find it. With the good map, a whole of your customers won’t get lost anymore, and you can improve online customers’ experience as well.

Bringing your navigator to update is very helpful for customers who are not sure what they need to buy and they are confused among the wonders. In this case, the good filter is expected to motivate their decisions faster. With Layered Navigation module, the users can narrow down the demand by filtering by style, color, price and other attributes that depends on product types you are selling. Meanwhile, without the filter plugin, ensure that they have to waste much time probing almost the whole of your store. However, this patience has never had, they will leave and find another site to buy the same. Thus, that is why you should optimize the navigation on the category product page.

Coming with more advanced functionalities, Layered Navigation allows improving the standard navigation better and better, that will help optimize the category page effectively.

Friendly and neat navigator interface

Layered Navigation is placed at bare space on the left of the category page. Supported by responsive layout, this navigation can display under the best performance regardless any device like PC, tablet or mobile. It is convenient for customers to come and buy any item at your store. Moreover, magento 2 layered navigation applies Accordion style to show a list of suboptions for each attribute. Only when clicking on the dropdown arrow, the values will appear, that makes your page neater.

Friendly and neat navigator interface

Multiple filter options on the navigation

On the layered navigation, there are many options of product attributes the customers can use to filter and find a favorite item quickly at the shop. Especially, it is possible to combine multiple options at the same time. Supposing that clothes made by cotton and fleece is a needed item, the layered navigation allows the customer to search by color and climate on the category page.

Multiple filter options on the navigation

Desirable product search speed

There is no requirement of reloading the whole page, expecting the section of the search result, the rest of page is not changed anymore. Every update that matches with the filter is shown instantly on the current page. The instant loading is supported by Ajax technology that speeds up the search faster than the basic way.

Desirable product search speed

Source: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-layered-navigation-extension/

Updated: November 15, 2019