Frequently asked questions

Here are listed questions and answers that cover the Magento Affiliate topics.

Q: Can you explain “Open source” more detailedly?

A: The Affiliate extension you will install on your store is 100% open source, that means apart from the certain fixed codes from Magento platform, you can custom flexibly and configure as you need without any difficulty. Besides, the field’s short guide or description are written by the providers in Magento configuration. Thus, with open-source extensions, you will ease them how to work be compatible with pre-modules on your store.

Q: How can I contact with providers to request support?

A: Depending on how Magento providers want to bring the convenience to their customers, you can contact via email, skype, ticket, etc. After installing the Affiliate extension, what is the first thing I should do?

According to my opinion, you must check whether the extension runs well on your site or not right after. If not, you need to ask for support your troubles even refund because the time period of redeem is accepted within 30 or 45 days depending on the Magento vendors’ policy.

Q: What should I do to build the effective Affiliate network?

A: As you know, the commissions paid for Affiliates are the main motivation for the development of Affiliate network but the referral tools are the methods to earn more and more commissions easily. The more advanced materials, the more attractive to Affiliates. Therefore, choosing the extension including many referral tools such as banners or links is good for you.

Q: Give me a clear example about the mechanism of multi-tiers

A: To learn more about multi-tiers function, let follow my short example:

multiple tiers

In this example, if Bob makes a sale, he earns Tier 1 Commissions on the sale, Mike earns Tier 2 commissions, Todd earns Tier 3 commissions, Abe earns Tier 4 commissions and John earns Tier 5 commissions. If Todd makes a sale, he earns Tier 1 commissions, Abe earns Tier 2 commissions, John earns Tier 3 commissions.

Q: Where can Affiliate get referral URL?

A: The referral URL or the referral code are the available methods used to invite friends. Affiliates will get the links directly in personal account.

refer url

When anyone sign up or place an order on your store via Affiliate URL or code, the relevant commissions is given that Affiliate automatically.

Is it compatible with thirty partner extension?

It is fully compatible with thirty partner extension, need help? Contact us!