Magento 2 SEO ULTIMATE Extension

Magento 2 SEO extension is a bundle of outstanding features that are auto-active when you install it from Mageplaza without any code modifications. It is also friendly with your store if you need to insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for your product. It will do perfectly for your better SEO.

By now, have you found a tool supporting you to enhance your website’s performance? Here are all you need. Basing on Magento 2, the most modern platform for every eCommerce stores, Magento 2 SEO module Free by Mageplaza definitely makes your store more impressed and globally closer to the customers.

Coming to Mageplaza SEO extension, your store has a great chance to own an amazing speed as well as gain the higher and higher rank in the popular and famous search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Better Schema information

Customers only need to act via search box, tag list or filter to pick up the favourite items instead of searching manually from thousands of products on your site. As soon as entering the needed category in the search box, a list of relevant options will appear for their choices. Thus, your customers will get fast what they want with the desired product attributes like color or size.

Smart Meta Tag for Better SEO Ranking

Many powerful tools for the better SEO are integrated into Mageplaza SEO extension such as Meta tags, Meta title and Meta Description. The more tags, titles and descriptions you add from the configuration, the more customers visit your site through the search engines.

URL Friendly Optimization

Magento 2 SEO extension is design for resolving URL issues as many friendly URLs as expectation for your SEO campaign. The following options you need to create the links to gain the effective SEO:

  • Home page
  • Product page
  • Single product
  • Layered Navigation
  • Product Tags and Product Comments
  • Product Images

Magento 2 SEO Breadcrumb is featured to help you optimize the visitor engagement on your site. The Breadcrumb will show the structure of link that customers access, particularly as “Home > Category > Post”.Therefore it is simply to know where they are and they can visit your homepage whenever they need.

.htaccess and robots.txt editor

Allow admin easily edit .htaccess and robots.txt file in the backend that don’t need to modify them directly. Two files are powerful and important for search engines optimization. Therefore the easy doing to access and edit the files plays important role in improving your SEO performance.

Social Integration

Magento 2 SEO is integrated with Social media marketing and SEO are tightly interwoven strategies. The combination makes your site more reliable, simultaneously, the rank is quickly higher and higher you will stay in the search engines. Awaring that link clearly, Mageplaza integrates a variety of social channels into SEO module fluently such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other popular social channels.

Magento 2 SEO full feature list

  • Automatically setup SEO criterials
  • Add Canonical URL Meta
  • Add Nofollow meta in Search Result
  • Add Nofollow meta in Product Gallery
  • Add Option: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Product, Category, CMS Page (Featured)
  • Add Link Rel=”alternate”
  • Automaticallu setup page title, meta description
  • .htaccess editor
  • robots.txt editor
  • Quick save .htaccess, robots.txt file
  • Optimize Breadcrumbs
  • Social Integration
  • Support multistores
  • RSS Optimization
  • HTML Sitemaps (Coming soon)
  • Rich Snippets (Coming soon)
  • Page Analysis (Coming soon)
  • Better 404 pages (Coming soon)
  • SEO-friently URLs: Layered Navigation (Coming soon)
Updated: April 23, 2019