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What is Magento 2 Affiliate Program?

Everybody knows one customer is a priceless asset the seller get and that is an enormous treasure if you explore correctly. Magento 2 Affiliate extension, combined well between Magento platform and Affiliate marketing solution, will help you use anyone’s relationship regardless guests or existing customers in order to establish strong Affiliate network and create more and more amazing profits. Applying the reward rule “The more referrals, the more commissions” motivates the development of network dramatically.

Multiple Affiliate Programs

With Magento 2 Affiliate Extension, you can create unlimited Affiliate programs as you need while each campaign is assigned to exact Affiliate groups within time interval you set.

Magento 2 Affiliate system allows store owners to create and run unlimited Affiliate programs. You set each campaign in application to specific Affiliate groups. As the time to assign to different groups might not be the same, you can configure and schedule the duration for each Affiliate group separately.

Magento 2 Affiliate extension Multiple Programs

Among all launched Affiliate programs, which one has higher priority, will be generated automatically. It is to make sure your program is running smoothly, not in a state of disorder. You can track and control all of your Affiliate programs easily as their information (name, start and end date, status, or priority) will be stored in the Manager Campaign table.

Magento 2 Affiliate Multi level marketing

Multi level marketing

In the Professional edition of Magento 2 Affiliate, with each Affiliate program, you can create numerous tiers without limitation. Also, in your Affiliate network, you can set different levels of commission based on each tier.
According to the commission principle, the higher the level of the tier you are, the more commissions you get. In particular, the affiliates at Tier 1 (the highest level) will get a 10% value of an order and a 5% value of the order from Tier 2. They can also receive commissions from the lower-level tiers. It depends on the store owners’ strategy.
Accordingly, the larger the Affiliate network is, the more commissions affiliates will get. This benefit attracts more people to your Affiliate network, thus encourages its growth.

Send the referral URL to friends

With Magento 2 Affiliate, Affiliates can send referral links or code to their friends or anyone to promote websites or products. This technique is similar to referral or affiliate marketing.

Once a referral is generated, and the recipients perform specific actions such as registration or placing an order, the affiliates will be rewarded a responding amount of commissions.

There are many different ways for affiliates to refer to others:

  • Send referral URL
  • Send email invitations
  • Share on social media via over 250 social buttons
  • Include a referral link in a banner (available in Pro version)
  • Embed snippet on affiliates’ websites/pages
Send the referral URL to friends

Types of Affiliate programs

Magento 2 affiliate Pay Per Click commissions

Pay Per Click Affiliate Commissions

Once the referral uses the affiliate link, banner, or widget, the affiliate will get a commission. This method is an internet advertising model to drive traffic to websites without seeding links manually.
The program is popularly for promotion banners, links. When one clicks on the banners, links navigating to your site, the visit is counted, and the affiliate earns from this transaction.
The number of visits/clicks will be recorded and stored systematically on a statistic table in both the Affiliate’s account and the admin’s report.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Commissions

The pay-per-lead affiliate program (PPA) is a type of cost-per-acquisition program that compensates affiliates for acquiring prospects. It’s so-called cost-per-lead, cost-per-action, and pay-per-action program.
An affiliate will get a commission after the referral makes a lead-action. Some common lead actions include:

  • Create an account
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Subscribe for newsletter
  • Download or install a website
Pay Per Lead Affiliate Commissions

Pay-per-impression Affiliate Commissions

Pay-per-impression Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate will get a commission based on the number of impressions on the promotion banners from the referral. After the referral views the banner, it’s counted as an impression. The value of commissions paid for affiliates can depend on the specific number of impressions. For instance, an affiliate will get $30 for 300 impressions accumulated in total on a banner.

Pay-per-sale Affiliate Program

In this program, the affiliates will get the commissions based on the conversion of sales. It means that after the referral makes an order, the affiliate will receive a commission.
In the backend configuration, you can set up types of commissions as a fixed amount or calculated by the percentage of grand total or total profits. Different Affiliate tiers can have different commission value.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Commissions

Hidden Programs

With this affiliate system, hidden programs can be created and assigned to particular affiliates manually. Meanwhile, visible programs will be assigned to affiliates automatically.


As you know, there are many different tiers in an affiliate system. Affiliates also can earn more from other affiliates. After referring to another affiliate successfully, an affiliate will receive commissions as well.

Affiliate marketing tools in Our Extension

Affiliate Banner and Affiliate Link are two available marketing materials so that Affiliate can use them to refer and earn more and more commissions easily.

Affiliate Banners

You can launch different banners for different landing pages. Then, affiliates can add those banners to their websites or personal pages, which will generate attention from referrals and drive traffics as well as conversions to your store.

Magento 2 affiliate banner

Magento 2 affiliate links

All affiliates can receive their unique coupon codes to share for referrals to gain more orders. It’s easy to set up the discount percentage of each coupon code at the Shopping Cart Rules. Different coupons have different discounts.
All affiliates can receive their unique coupon codes to share for referrals to gain more orders. It’s easy to set up the discount percentage of each coupon code at the Shopping Cart Rules. Different coupons have different discounts.

Especially, Magento 2 Affiliate Deep Links is easier and more effective when the extension provides Deep Links for Affiliate to refer friends. Deep Links allows customizing the patch of your original URL by instead of the complex link which is invited to Affiliate’s friends. For example: _gift_from_linda. Thanks to Smart Link function, each Affiliate can create separate referral link by himself.

Magento 2 affiliate extension Deep Links

Magento 2 affiliate extension Direct Links

What about Direct Link? It is reserved for Affiliates who have the personal website. They can validate their domain on affiliate website, then every sale refer by that domain will be count as that affiliate. No refer link, code or email required. It is simple refer solution!

Refer via social buttons emails

Affiliates can refer to their friends via numerous social channels by available social buttons in the Refer Friend tab.
Or, using emails to send an invitation to others. You can write your own message or use the default one as a template. A default message can be configured at the backend so that you can deliver a synchronous invitation message to the recipients.

Magento 2 affiliate Social buttons, Email

Affiliate Commission Withdraw methods

The extension allows affiliates to withdraw their commissions from their balances in the affiliate program on the fly. The transaction can be automatic or after the approval from the store admins.

Magento 2 Affiliate Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal amount

If you want to control the withdrawal commissions better, it’s better to set the minimum amount of commissions. Affiliates can request for a withdrawal only when they reach this minimum amount and cancel the requests within the allowed time.

Withdrawal history

One more advanced feature of Magento 2 Affiliate is that it allows you to view the withdrawal history easily. You will get to know all transactions within your affiliate system. In addition, you can add a new withdrawal history to the backend.

Commission Withdraw methods

Affiliates can withdraw commissions via the most different methods including, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Offline payment, and Skrill will be soon available.

Withdraw limitation

Besides the minimum amount of commissions, you also can set up a fixed maximum withdrawal amount. Affiliate will fill in their desirable commission amount under the maximum. Besides, you can set the validity time for the withdrawal commissions.

Affiliate Milestone

Allow you to create lifetime event as a number of orders, a number of sales, a number of commissions,... Affiliate who reaches the given conditions will be added bonus commissions or put into higher Affiliate group with many benefits. You can also automatically change their affiliate group to higher rank such as from Gold to Platinum, Platinum to Diamond.

This is a great way to create an affiliate loyalty program as well encourages Affiliate network to work better and better.

Magento 2 Affiliate extension Milestone

Magento 2 Affiliate Widget

Affiliate Widget

Each affiliate will be allowed to access the referral widget. The widget contains the products you want to promote. The affiliates can’t make any changes to banners, but they can customize the referral widget. They can edit the title, size, the number of products, or product categories, and many more.

Affiliate store credit

Affiliate credit known as an electronic wallet is available to store affiliates’ commissions systematically and accurately. Through this credit, affiliates can track and manage their earned commissions with ease.

The affiliate credit shows available balance, holding balance, total earned, and total paid commissions. Also, transactions such as withdrawal, or adding commissions to the affiliates’ balance is recorded in the affiliate credit. Affiliates can quickly update any changes in their balance.

Magento 2 Affiliate store credit

Magento 2 Affiliate report

Affiliate analytics reports & tracking

From the Ultimate edition of Magento 2 Affiliate, the extension provides an insightful report with essential data of your affiliate programs. The report shows data in different categories in which you can keep track of all critical information such as best-selling products, account details, or sales in a given period.

Moreover, the affiliate report is compatible out of the box with Mageplaza Advanced Report, which enables the report to record and show the statistics on Top Affiliate, New Affiliate, Bestseller Affiliate, and Affiliate transaction.

Affiliate trash

Trash, the great tool from Mageplaza Affiliate Extension, is supported only in the backend when admin wants to clean unnecessary transactions and withdrawals.

Magento 2 Affiliate trash

Magento 2 Affiliate Program Full Features

Affiliate Program General Configuration

  • Enable/disable the extension
  • Cookie expiration
  • Enable overriding cookies
  • Affiliate homepage content
  • Display affiliate link on top or footer
  • Customize the affiliate URL style (Hash or Parameter)
  • Support affiliate parameter
  • Select the parameter value: Affiliate code or Affiliate ID
  • Allow limiting the length of the Affiliate code

Account configuration

  • Choose the default affiliate group
  • Allow requesting admin’s approval
  • Check email notification by default
  • Add terms and condition
  • Checkbox text
  • Set the maximum of the Affiliate balance
  • Accept negative balance

Affiliate Program Commission configuration

  • Allow earning commission from tax
  • Allow getting commission from shipping fee, affiliate discount
  • Affiliate can get a commission after an invoice is created
  • Limit the time for commission withdrawal
  • Take away commission from Affiliate’s balance when order is refunded/canceled

Email configuration

  • Create the email sender
  • Allow sending a welcome email to a new affiliate account
  • Enable sending transaction email
  • Constantly update balance email
  • Allow sending withdrawal email
  • Send complete withdrawal email

Withdraw configuration

  • Allow requesting withdrawal
  • Support payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer
  • Apply fee for particular payment methods
  • Set the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal commissions

Referral configuration

  • Allow referring friends via emails, social share, referral links
  • Enable default referral URL
  • Retrieve email contacts by Cloudsponge
  • Allow inserting Default email content
  • Share default message via social media channels

Affiliate programs

  • Create unlimited affiliate programs
  • Provide two types of commission
  • Assign public and private campaigns to specific affiliates
  • Allow lifetime commissions
  • Schedule the running time for each campaign
  • Set shopping cart rules for each campaign
  • Set referral discount for each program

Reasons to choose Magento 2 Affiliate Program

  • Using MageAffiliate is the right choice as it brings many advantages for you and your online store. This Affiliate marketing solution holds the most advanced features to take your affiliate programs to the new level.
  • The commission withdrawal will always be under your control as you can set the limit for the withdrawal amount in both minimum and maximum. Also, the withdrawal history is accessible and viewable, which keeps the withdrawal actions and transactions of affiliates always in your glance.
  • Besides, your affiliate programs will be carried out more systematically as you can set the earning rules for participants in your affiliate circle before starting any programs. The backend configuration is so simple.
  • Notably, your affiliate programs will become more appealing because affiliates can withdraw their commissions from their affiliate balance accounts. This will encourage your customers to take part in your affiliate programs to earn extra money. Also, it is far more effective to drive your sales while building a good customer relationship.

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Q: How many affiliate programs can I make at once?

A: You can create unlimited programs at the backend.

Q: How many tiers can I create for a program?

A: In the Standard version, you can create a tier. In the Ultimate and Professional version, the number of tiers is unlimited.

Q: The commission is eligible in which step in the purchase process?

A: When the invoice is created, the store admin can set the commission to be eligible.

Q: How can affiliates send the referral link to others?

A: Affiliates can copy referral links and place them into any destinations. Or send emails, share on social media with different social share buttons, embed the snippet on affiliate websites, or insert referral links in banners (available in Ultimate and Pro editions).

Q: How can the commissions be calculated?

A: The commission can be counted according to the total or a fixed amount.

Q: As a store owner, can I get the affiliate report?

A: Yes, there is an insightful report which provides relevant data on your affiliate programs. You get data in detail on the Bestsellers, Accounts, and Sales.

Q: How many payment methods supported for affiliates to withdraw commissions?

A: There are three main payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Offline Payment.

Q: Is it possible to import affiliate data from other systems?

A: Yes, of course. You can import data on affiliate account and transaction from other systems at the backend configuration.

Q: Can the store owners deduct the commission from the affiliate program if the affiliate order is canceled or refunded?

A: Yes, the store owner can deduct the commission from the affiliate’s balance.

Q: whether the store owner approves the request from affiliates when they want to withdraw the commission?

A: Yes. The store owners will consider approving or refusing the withdrawal requests from the affiliates.

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